We are very confident to succeed because of:

  • Competent managers and an effective sales force who are highly trained and fully- experienced professionals.
  • Solid management application system to manage the business in a more professional way (ERP).
  • Strong Customer Relation Management for better customer understanding and service.
  • Strong financial infrastructure and good banking relations for better commitment and financial stability.
  • Strategic partnership with our suppliers who are committed and experienced in the same field.

Business Principles

International Branded Products with Competitive Price. Homy partners with the most reliable brands from around the world so we can bring you products that meet customers demand for quality yet priced reasonably.
Products diversification
Homy is all about choices. Homy has the largest selection of products so you can choose the item that best suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

High Customer Satisfaction through our valuable Before and After Sales Service.

Mr. Naim Al Motawa, Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd.’s General Manager is a veteran in the field of business administration. Having held various positions as Sales & Marketing Manager, Operations & Maintenance Manager in the electro-mechanical field and has an extensive scientific background in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Naim Al Motawa is an active figure in local civic and business organizations. He was recently elected as a Board Member of the Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce, a position he previously held by being appointed by the Trade Minister since 2006. Mr. N. Al Motawa was also elected as Board Member of the Al-Ahsa Engineering Committee, as Chief of Saudization& Training Committee in AL Hassa (2006-2009), Member of Training & Education Committee (2006-2009) and a regular participant in many social and civic affairs throughout the Kingdom.

Mr. Naim Al Motawa’s successful career in business is substantiated with the many awards he received from different associations and business entities throughout his career.


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