History of MTC

Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. (MTC) is a world-renowned distributor and retailer of Consumer Electronics that include Air Conditioners, Electrical Home Appliances, and Electronic Devices whose successful history is backed with outstanding achievements.
In distribution, MTC concentrates in promoting Winner products through a wide number of its reseller networks around Saudi Arabia. Winner was made by professional manufacturer-partners around the world who carefully supervised the products quality and development. In retailing, merchandise are dedicated for the well-known brands including Winner, and promotes through two types of retailing channels. First are the conventional stores under the corporate name of Al Motawa Trading Co., as it has middle-sized areas. Secondly, there are the Homy Electronic Mega Stores for big-sized areas.
MTC has successfully established a respectable name through the branded products it sell, along with the required pre & post services that continuously seek a higher level of customer satisfaction, and through the managements’ unparalleled dedication to perfection.
Although Al Motawa Trading Company continually maintains its outstanding business as one of the top market players in KSA, all the while contributing to the national economy, it is also very committed to its social responsibility. This is very evident through sponsoring numerous programs of society like HR development, education, sports, disease control, proactive awareness and donations.
“Due to the extensive knowledge and experience of MTC management, local and international supplying manufacturers have always been relying on the company’s advice in developing and featuring their products to satisfy the customer’s variable needs and tastes.”

Jawad M. Al Motawa

History takes us back to the year of 1972 when Mr. Jawad M. Al Motawa, founder of Al Motawa Trading Establishment (MTE), launched his first little store in the Eastern Region City of Al-Hassa and started operating as a retailer of a small variety of household appliances.
In the following years, the company broadened its scope of operation by opening up additional showrooms throughout the Eastern Region. This placed MTE as a major distributor of electrical equipments and home appliances in the regional market, particularly in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To further improve both the quality and price of its merchandise, MTE started establishing its own importation network during the early nineteen eighties from neighboring Gulf countries and other countries in the Middle East. And later on, importation also started from other countries all over the world. In addition to the local suppliers, MTE dealt with internationally acclaimed brands from Japan, Europe, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and China.
MTE was transformed into Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. (MTC) in 1999. This gave the company the privilege to operate at a much larger scale and a share of an even greater portion of the household electrical and electronics appliance business. MTC became a pioneer and leading distributor of major electronics and electrical appliances and equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is evident with the hundreds of awards MTC has gained within the span of more than 40 years of its operation, including the Best Distributor of Electronic Equipment in terms of sales and service excellence for several years throughout the whole KSA.
MTC has also delved in producing its own top-of-the-line consumer electronic products under the brand name Winner. The brand name was officially registered with the Trade Ministry in 2007. Winner products are the combined results of long experiments and vast experiences related to Marketing & Quality.
Today, MTC operates a number of offices, warehouses, service centers, and a wide range of distribution channels. This includes the first Homy Electronics Mega Store in Dammam, which opened its doors to the customers during the second half of 2008, and in Al Hassa (2013).
The outstanding performances and the successful achievements for the past 40 years did not just happen by accident, but thru professional corporate planning. The corporate strategy is to get all employees to commit to the Primary Goal of the company by dividing the work and distributing it to the Departments. All the employees also contribute to the strategic execution of the company’s primary goal by achieving their own corresponding project targets which encourages healthy competition and teamwork.

Our Vision :

A Trading Pioneer in Consumer Electronics around the Kingdom.

Mission :

Retailing and Distributing Quality Consumer Electronics at very competitive prices with high standards of customer satisfaction.
1.Meet the High Customer Satisfaction standards.
2.Build Strategic Partnership with Suppliers.
3.Powering the Financial Resources.
4.Improve Work Efficiency and Productivity.
5.Expand The Consumer Electronics Business.

Our Competitive Edge :

Successfully combining Retailing and Distribution into one business entity to produce faster inventory turnover.
Controlling the quality of Products by applying before and after purchase performance evaluations in which the quality of the products are maintained.
Customer-Service oriented. MTC has always been synonymous with high standards of customer service.
Having our own product line, the Winner brand, enables us to offer quality alternatives that feature the best quality being desired of the product but at a more affordable price.
Stability and consistency of our employee turnover guarantees the steady flow of work without disruptions.
A well-reputed organization known locally and internationally, and with a long history.
Establish long term Win-Win relationships with our partners.
“We do believe competition is very important for a more progressive economy.
Despite all challenges, we will compete and continue our success with our commitment of serving our economy and society “

Naim J. Al Motawa CEO.

At the heart of MTC’s operation are the company’s Executives who represent the most important resource in performing the primary goal. They apply clear business procedures and standards that dramatically enhance work efficiency. Job responsibilities are also clearly defined in order to enhance productivity. Moreover, all competent staffs are carefully selected and matched through Job Qualifying procedures.
MTC remains one of the most respected organizations in the Kingdom and consistently garner numerous awards each year from various business entities and civic organizations throughout the world.
These awards and recognitions include those from suppliers, government, associations, civic groups, and individuals.

Al Motawa Trading Company offers its customers more than 5,000 Consumer Electronic items that include Air Conditioners, Electrical Household Appliances, and Electronic Devices from more than 50 world-recognized brands.

Air Conditioners
Refrigerators & Freezers
Cookers (Gas Ranges, Electric Cookers)
Washing Machines & Dryers
Audio / Video Players (Home Theater, DVD Players, Casettes, Components)
Telecommunications (Home and Office Telephones and Fax Machines)
Household Appliances

MTC relies on valuable partners to achieve success. And this can only be realized by establishing and maintaining win-win situations with strategic partners.
Distributors :
From Our Clients:

was founded in 1972.
Founder is Mr. Jawad M. Al Motawa.
was the first distributor of Electrical Appliances in Al-Hassa City.
became a limited liability company (MTC) in 1999.
owns Winner products. Winner was registered as a trademark in 2007.
owns Homy Electronic Mega Stores.
employs 200 male & female staff members.
ranked # 24 in the Saudi Fast Growth Award Competition 2011, sponsored by SAGIA.
maintains wholesale distribution channels of over 400 clients and Resellers.
operates 2 regional management offices in Al-Hassa and Dammam.
operates 10 conventional stores and 2 Mega Stores strategically spread out around the eastern region.
operates 3 Warehouses in Al-Hassa, Dammam, and Jubail.
operates 3 Service Centers in Al-Hassa, Dammam, and Jubail.

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