Camera chassis converts iPhones into mobile journalism rigs

Smartphones can pack substantial optical power, at least for their slight forms, so it’s no wonder they’re a favored way of capturing life’s images. While many photography-enhancing iPhone accessories already exist, the latest is designed to offer a pro-level experience. The Helium Core case allows users to customize iPhones with industry standard 1/4-inch-20 mountable accessories and 37 mm threaded lenses.
The Helium Core lets users connect iPhones to tripods, jibs, rigs, handles, shoulder mounts, micro dollies, ...What makes the Helium Core so engaging is the array of quarter-inch mounting threads on all ...The Helium Core is designed with curved cutouts that help keep the weight down while adding ...The back of the Helium Core features an integrated mount that is compatible with any 37 ...

The Helium Core is designed to convert the iPhone 6s/Plus or 6/Plus into inclusive camera systems without compromising smartphone functionality. The chassis is constructed out of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, offering drop protection, ergonomic grip, and access to the display, ports, jacks, and buttons. Curved cutouts in the aluminum help keep the weight down (though bulk is another matter, as you can see below) while adding a bit of visual aesthetic.


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