Mr Mustafa Rakha who was demonstrating the Winner Brand product

As with most things in life, there are many ways to accomplish a single task. Wise business professionals are constantly on the lookout for better ways to make their points or present their products. In our brand, Sell It Today, Sell It Now, Mustafa Rakha explain a proven-effective procedure for product presentations or demonstrations that is sure to work for the clients. It is a critical part of the Sell It Today system that can turn you into a one-time closing champion.

Our procedure begins with preparation. Thinking about the client you will present to next, break down your product demonstration into segments highlighting each individual feature of your product or service that you know will benefit this client.

The second step is to present each of those features in the following manner, and only in the following manner.
First, you state the FACT. Then, you show the BENEFIT. Once the benefit is given, you must create URGENCY. And ask for FEEDBACK.

Facts and benefits create the sale. Urgency and feedback make it happen now. The first two, fact and benefit, are pretty easy if you are a professional who truly knows their product.

Urgency for each feature is something that the salesperson must create. It’s not there until you make it so. It’s not being pushy or trying to force your customer into a quick decision. Creating urgency requires some effort and creativity to assure that your potential client feels a genuine need to make a purchase now.

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In my seminars, we create urgency by offering special investments on products that are only valid the day of the seminar. It’s the today-and-today-only method of developing urgency. Retail outlets use sales or offers where they indicate quantities are limited to create a sense of urgency in their shoppers. Investment counselors show charts and graphs of growth potential that is based on today’s market figures. If the clients want to earn those kinds of returns, they should start their program today. Think about what would be appropriate for your product.


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