Winner Product seminar with guests from all over the kingdom

Recently, many of our distributors from all over the kingdom attended an extensive product seminar at Ramada Hotel in Dammam. Within the seminar day, the participants dealt intensively with the technical innovations of the companies, which are all experts in consumption product.

Our guests came from Local country of Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and Egypt. Initially, the participants learned about the comsumer product of AL MOtawa Company, especially about the new SASO technology. Subsequently, everybody attended extensive trainings regarding the product range of MTC, for instance about the consumer products. In addition, an essential topic of the MTC seminar was their latest development, the Winner Brand. Another important aspect of the product seminar were the global PR and marketing activities of the Al MOtawa Group.

In addition to the trainings, social meetings for mutual acquaintance, communication and networking played a major role, for example our large get-together party in the e.lounge.


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