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Homy Electronics Mega Stores is Saudi ‘s one of a kind electronics shopping mall with thousands of electronic, electrical and digital products for home, office and personal use.  Founded in 2008 by distinguished pioneers in the region’s home electronic business, Homy guarantees a unique electronic shopping experience one will not find in any other electronic stores. With products and services ranging from home appliances, audio-video entertainment systems, personal digital devices and gadgets, mobile phones, notebook and desktop computers, digital accessories, security systems, health and fitness equipments, cable television subscriptions, children’s toys, home furnishings and decorations, maintenance and deliver service, and spare parts, Homy guarantees the most comprehensive line of the world’s leading electronic brands giving customers the widest array of product selections so you can always choose the best products to suit your needs, your style, genre and budget.

At the heart of our business are our customers.  That is why every aspect of Homy Electronics Mega Stores’s showroom’s facilities were built with our customers in mind. Strategically located in Dammam, KSA’s thriving business area, our customers are assured of round the clock accessibility, traffic-free road and spacious parking areas for your car and family’s safety and convenience. The Homy showroom, located at the ground floor of Homy Business City, is particularly set up to promote conducive shopping, allowing customers immediate access to frequently bought items, well organized display counters grouped into respective sections, and actual working demonstration of units in operation.

Other amenities include fully-air conditioned shopping area, home theater viewing room, indoor ATM machine, a beverage dispenser, coffee shop, separate prayer rooms for men and women (masjid), hygienic restrooms and automated POS machines for accurate and fast sales transactions.

So come and visit Homy Electronics Mega Stores today and experience for yourself the new generation in electronics shopping where technology and people come to meet.

Welcome to Homy, Feel at Home ™

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